Norwich goes for Autonomy

Norwich Union Life has commissioned Autonomy partner Amaze to supply a data search system to enhance its sales and marketing...

Norwich Union Life has commissioned Autonomy partner Amaze to supply a data search system to enhance its sales and marketing systems.

Autonomy’s IDOL technology will be used by Norwich Union Life's sales and marketing department to "spider" together 100,000 internal documents and external marketing information.

This will create a system that understands and connects data, and which locates and delivers the right information to the right recipient.

Automatic categorisation capabilities will organise the growing number of documents arriving in Norwich Union Life's repositories, while automatic hyper-linking features will provide instant links to matching data, creating associations between content and facilitating the automatic analysis of information.

Autonomy's partner Amaze will oversee the deployment of the technology and provide Norwich Union Life with continuous professional support.

The effective analysis of marketing and competitor information is a key requirement for all financial services companies.

The implementation will enable the customer insights team at Norwich Union Life to manage relevant research and intelligence material more efficiently and allow the company to react quicker to the latest market developments.

Radan Payget of Norwich Union Life said, "Our sales and marketing teams generate and handle vast amounts of information on a continual basis.

"This information can provide great insight and benefits to the business, but the sheer volume of data involved can make it a challenge to effectively access and use the data.

"This technology will help us to effectively harness all our information sources and realise their full potential," Payget said.

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