Property firm predicts efficiency gains from mobile access system

Property services firm National Property Solutions (NPS) began to implement an ambitious "zero-client" system last week to allow...

Property services firm National Property Solutions (NPS) began to implement an ambitious "zero-client" system last week to allow its contractors to use any mobile device to access back-office systems.

The firm estimated that contractors will generate £5m in new business by using the Impact:Response system, which is designed to improve response times to customer sales enquiries and speed up the sales and installation process.

Paul Cresswell, chairman at NPS, said, "Impact:Response will help us to automate, in real time, what is currently a lengthy, complicated and often manual process in planning, delivering and installing new kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems."

The system allows NPS customers and contractors to use personal digital assistants, laptops or mobile phones to access business-critical data and monitor the status of projects. Connection is via GPRS and users are authenticated with a Pin code.

The system will also be integrated into NPS' call centre software to automate customer service processes.

NPS predicted that by using Impact:Response, its contractors will improve emergency response times by 25%; increase efficiency in field service operations by 15%; optimise their stock and cut waste by 50%; and reduce administrative overheads by 20%.

NPS has signed a three-year contract with mobile systems provider Impact Applications to develop Impact:Response. The supplier will also integrate the system across NPS' IT infrastructure and supply the necessary hardware and software to NPS' contractor network and retail clients.

NPS runs a network of 1,300 building services contractors, who carry out emergency building services and installation work for NPS' direct insured customers and house builders, housing associations, financial institutions, utilities and retail clients.

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