RAD launches 'Egate' - a low cost ethernet gateway -- and other news briefs

Short takes on this week's news

Short takes on this week's news

RAD releases low-cost Ethernet gateway

RAD Data Communications has announced Egate, a low-cost Ethernet-over-SDH/Sonet gateway system that can reduce service providers' costs and simplify management. Egate enables Lan connectivity between remote locations over existing E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 physical ports.

AMCC expands storage with Sata controller

AMCC Storage has introduced the 3ware Sata Raid controller, which can connect an external array of hard drives. The firm said this allows storage capacity to be expanded easily for applications including servers and high-performance vertical applications, such as digital video capture and editing.

Rose Ultralink offers hardware remote control

Rose Electronics has launched Ultralink Phase II, an IP access device that can give firms hardware remote control of servers and network devices, down to the bios level. When used in conjunction with Rose Ultramatrix and Ultrapower units, it facilitates cold reboots, saving time and human resources when commissioning, tuning or troubleshooting computers.

Kobil token generates one-time passwords

IT security supplier Kobil Systems has released its Secovid Token, a small hardware security token that displays its status to prompt the user to change the battery. The product can generate six-character one-time passwords. Kobil has also released a USB Sim smartcard reader, Kaan Sim III, in the form of a token.

Gnome updates operating system

Gnome Project has updated its open source operating system, adding new video and audio capabilities and improving usability. The Gnome 2.10 desktop operating environment comes six months after the 2.8 release, which is included in Red Hat and other Linux distributions.

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