Kingston gets billing acclaim

Kingston Communications’ Business Services unit has been granted BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) Billing...

Kingston Communications’ business services unit has been granted BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) Billing Accuracy Certification, an independent, professional verification of billing accuracy.

The certification is intended to offer customers formal assurance that they are accurately billed on all inbound and outbound switched voice calls, reducing the time and resources spent on bill checking and dealing with errors or discrepancies.

“Gaining accreditation, with all of its accompanying processes, is part of a raft of voice initiatives designed to demonstrate our policy of transparency and true cost visibility,” says Gary Young, Kingston Communications’ business services managing director Gary Young.

“Companies don’t need to go with the cheapest provider to save money – they’re not cheaper at all if their bills aren’t accurate or headline rates hide the true charges imposed by a minimum call spend. Kingston’s approach is designed to offer assurance that what you see is what you get.”
BABT, one of only three bodies able to offer accreditation, has 17 years' experience of assessment for the metering and billing scheme, having been the only approval body to be involved in the scheme from its introduction.

Its assessment of Kingston’s billing covered key internal processes; interdepartmental and outsourced supplier interfaces; effectiveness of the billing process; existing evidence of accuracy; and accuracy of published tariffs and avoiding overcharging.

Because Kingston Communications has a turnover of more than £40m, it is a regulatory requirement under the Communications Act 2003 to have accreditation, enforced via Ofcom.

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