Sun Microsystems to release the latest version of Java Enterprise System -- and more news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news

Sun Java suite to target business problems

Sun Microsystems will release the latest version of its Java Enterprise System in March, as well as five new subsets of the product aimed at solving specific business problems. JES 3 has new tools including Java System Identity Manager, Sun Java System Portal Access, N1 Grid SP Enterprise Edition and the Java Studio tools portfolio, and will support Solaris 10 on the Sparc and x86 hardware platforms, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 and XP

IBM Websphere added to Treo smartphone

PalmSource is offering IBM Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment middleware for the Treo 600 smartphone. The software is part of IBM's Workplace Client Technology Micro Edition server-managed device middleware, which can connect data to mobile devices. It can be downloaded from palmOne's website at

BT pledges to upgrade exchanges to SDSL

BT has said that 1,300 of its telephone exchanges around the UK will support symmetric digital subscriber line within 12 months. For many businesses, SDSL is more suitable than asymmetric digital subscriber line because it allows them to send data at the same speed as they receive it. BT said it would have about 300 exchanges capable of supporting SDSL by the end of March and would upgrade a further 1,000 in two stages from April

HP finds low-cost chip alternative to silicon

Hewlett-Packard is aiming to manufacture computer chips with molecular technology rather than silicon. The company has developed an alternative chip-making system that relies on technology called crossbar latches, which consists of grids of microscopic wires linked by molecules at the intersections. The latches can be printed, making their production cheaper than the complex processes needed to manufacture silicon chips.

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