Sun offers pay-as-you-go grid computing

Sun has launched a pay-by-the-gigabyte grid computing package.

Sun has launched a pay-by-the-gigabyte grid computing package.

Scott McNealy, Sun chief executive officer, said the $1 (55p) per Gbyte offering means that Sun will become the first supplier to deliver on the promise of an open, standardised grid.

"Customers need to move away from building datacentres based on a one-off customised model towards a standardised model, and eventually to a utility model," he said.

"It's imperative that CIOs and CFOs benchmark their own data centres to see how they stack up against our one buck threshold," McNealy added.

Grid computing sees clusters of standard servers being joined together to boost data processing power, and is an alternative solution to mainframes or supercomputer platforms.

As part of its attempt to boost its grid computing sales, Sun will offer grid platforms running its Solaris 10 operating software driven by AMD’s Opteron processors,

Sun has also released portions of its Java Enterprise System (JES) as separate packages, charged at $50 (£28) per employee usage a year.

These "Java Suites" initially cover applications including identity management, application platform services, system availability, web infrastructure and enterprise communications.

Last month Sun announced it would release Solaris source code to the public through an open-source software (OSS) licence. "The move will help stem erosion of Solaris's market but won't slow Linux's momentum," said analyst group Gartner.

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