Toshiba launches small business contact centre

Toshiba has launched a contact centre solution for small businesses.

Toshiba has launched a contact centre solution for small businesses.

The SmartApplications suite for the Toshiba Strata IP-CTX small business platform is a software-based solution that allows small firms to set up a contact centre without having to invest in new hardware.

The SmartApplications suite combines Toshiba’s Smartphone (a PC softphone) with SmartConnect, a computer telephony integration (CTI) software tool.

SmartPhone gives users on screen information including caller ID, call waiting and call history. By integrating SmartPhone with database and contact management systems, using SmartConnect, key customer information and sales data can be automatically accessed and viewed with each incoming call.

Tim Webb, general manager of the Toshiba business communications division, said, "Good business communications is critical for any company, but high costs often prevent small businesses from investing in contact centre technology. This means they can't always compete on a level playing field with larger rivals."

Toshiba’s move follows Avaya’s decision last autumn to also offer a dedicated contact centre solution for small firms.

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