Woolworths aims to serve with mobile tills

Woolworths is one of the store chains that is pioneering wireless technology.

Woolworths is one of the store chains that is pioneering wireless technology.

It is implementing mobile technology across its 824 stores in time for the busy Christmas season to help meet the demands of its customers and improve service at the till point.

The retailer will be rolling out two to three mobile electronic point-of-sale terminals per store based on chip and Pin-compliant hardware to keep on top of the annual Christmas rush.

The main benefit of wireless Epos is the ability to cut queues and customer waiting time, both of which can be huge problems at Christmas. It also helps staff check stock availability faster as the mobile Epos is connected to the warehouse management system.

Tony Godwin, IT director at Woolworths, said, "We have six times as many customers at Christmas and we have found that the addition of traditional fixed tills is not practical in our attempt to minimise queuing for our customers."

Mobile till technology gives Woolworths more flexibility by allowing staff to serve customers from anywhere in the store. This means more customers want to visit the store because they know they won't have to queue, he said.

Woolworths is using Smart Switch software from Retail Logic and Xplorer mobile chip and Pin-compliant terminals from Dione with its own mobile retail management system and Epos platform using the NordicID RF600 terminals.

This will allow assistants using the handheld devices to roam the store and complete customer transactions, including scanning merchandise, card payment and receipt printing.

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