ADIC to combine disc and tape in single device

Advanced Digital Information (ADIC) has announced a mid-level storage system that combines disc and tape in a single appliance,...

Advanced Digital Information (ADIC) has announced a mid-level storage system that combines disc and tape in a single appliance, the Pathlight VX 2.0.

The Pathlight VX 2.0 uses policy-based data management technology to provide nearly 3,000Tbytes of backup storage, said Scott Hamilton, director of disc based backup solutions at ADIC.

The system fits into existing backup environments, presenting itself to applications as a virtual tape library. It includes disc drives for high performance and Raid fault tolerance and tape elements for capacity, economy and disaster recovery, according to Hamilton.

"The Pathlight VX 2.0 is an integrated solution that IT departments can use to link directly to their current backup environment," he said.

Pathlight VX 2.0 provides throughput up to 2Tbytes per hour and a combined native capacity of nearly three petabytes. Disc storage can range from 3.8Tbytes to 46.8Tbytes capacity, with tape storage provided by integrating ADIC Scalar and StorageTek (Profile, Products, Articles) L-Series libraries. Single-library configurations can reach 2,823Tbytes native capacity and 5,599Tbytes with normal compression.

For long-term data retention and disaster recovery applications, Pathlight VX 2.0 responds to backup software commands by exporting application-readable media that can be restored in any standard tape drive or library.

"Disc has great attributes for some parts of backup, but tape is a requirement too, not only for compliance with retention regulations but simply for economical scale," said Dianne McAdam, senior analyst and partner at Data Mobility Group.

"In standard enterprise capacity ranges, the cost of tape storage will remain several times lower than disc for the foreseeable future."

A typical 43.6Tbytes system consisting of 3.8Tbytes of disc, with the remainder tape using an ADIC Scalar i2000, carries a list price of $261,583 (£140,940).The new system will ship in January.

Bob Francis writes for Infoworld

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