Correct e-delivery for letters

Companies can now post cheap international letters through a website set up by

Companies can now post cheap international letters through a website set up by
Users of the service simply type and format their letter in a browser, before it is remotely printed and put in traditional postal mail systems, located in an initial eight sites around the world. Letters can be sent anywhere in the world.

L-Mail (Letter-Mail) claims its service will save users time and money over using traditional post. For example, a three-page letter to the US costs 64p fully inclusive. Postage alone for a 20g letter from the UK to the US is normally 68p, said L-Mail.

The initial eight posting locations are in Sydney, British Columbia, Madrid, Edinburgh, Leicester, London, Ellensburg (US west coast) and New York.

Research conducted by Internet Market Research Services on behalf of L-Mail, found that out of
almost 5,000 consumers and businesses contacted, 61% said they would consider using the service.

With no need to buy stationery or stamps or make trips to the post office, the service may prove to be useful for SMEs, particularly when contacting people who don’t have access to e-mail.

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