Aventail introduces 'smart' secure access

Aventail will release a free upgrade of its SSL VPN software at the end of the month, with the claim that it smooths out some of...

Aventail will release a free upgrade of its SSL VPN software at the end of the month, with the claim that it smooths out some of the rough edges.

Version 8.0 of the now "smart" Secure Access Policy (Asap) software has been upgraded in terms of policy and device management and end user access.

Sales of SSL remote access servers have boomed in the past couple of years, but no one has yet got around to simplifying some of the technology’s deeper processes. User management can be time-consuming and complex as policies need to be configured using multiple sets of rules and end users usually must take several steps before resources can be accessed

Asap should offer a number of benefits. Users will be able to access resources transparently by clicking on a web link. They will not need to open a separate window that uses a different GUI and wait for a plug-in applet to download. Access will be set automatically, depending on the type and environment of the device being used for access.

For administrators, the "Unified Policy" element of the system is object-based, structured on defining resources and user groups in a more logical and hierarchical way. The company said this will reduce the number of rules admin staff must create to manage SSL VPN access.

It will also avoid some of the maddening conflicts that made if difficult for staff who were members of two company departments to exist in two SSL groups at once.

John E Dunn writes for Techworld.com

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