Symantec releases data recovery tools

Security company Symantec has announced the latest versions of its LiveState data recovery software.

Security company Symantec has announced the latest versions of its LiveState data recovery software.

The company is releasing updated versions of its LiveState Recovery Advanced Server, Standard Server and Desktop products.

These products allow companies to copy important files or even entire applications and operating systems, which can be restored if a computer fails or is infected by a virus, Symantec said. 

The latest versions of LiveState, which was formerly known as Symantec V2i protector, create snapshots of a server or desktop machine. As opposed to many tape-based backup products, LiveState allows administrators to make copies of files and system settings while users are working.

Administrators or users can also select and restore specific files or folders quickly, and without having to insert and load a backup tape, said Symantec.

The versions of LiveState add a feature that triggers automatic backups whenever events occur that could destabilise a system running the software, such as applying a software patch or attempting to install a new application.

Other improvements include an improved snapshot process that will allow administrators to back up data more quickly and a change that consolidates incremental snapshots on systems running the Advanced Server and Desktop editions of LiveState, lessening the amount of disc space required to store backups.

LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 3.0, Standard Server 3.0 and Desktop 3.0 are available this month from the company's network of distributors and resellers.

Paul Roberts writes for IDG News Service

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