Oracle improves integration with latest release of E-Business Suite

Oracle openworld E-Business 11i.10 boosts business intelligence

Oracle openworld E-Business 11i.10 boosts business intelligence

Oracle used last week's Openworld conference in London's Docklands to highlight the latest versions of its E-Business 11i enterprise software.

During his keynote speech, Oracle president Charles Phillips said the software would enhance integration and provide industry-specific products. Oracle had been working for five years on rewriting the 11i E-Business Suite to create a single data model that allows components of the suite to share information, he said.

The new version, E-Business Suite 11i.10 is a major update that will focus on improving business intelligence. Phillips said traditional software applications were built to support a business process or automate a problem using a database to store the data required by the application.

"This leads to project-by-project stove pipes, which will work over time, but at great cost [to the business]," he said. "The only way to get data out is to aggregate it in a datawarehouse."

The new product would enable users to get all the data from a single system, said Oracle.

Ronald Wohl, executive vice-president for application development at Oracle, said with Oracle 11i.10 users would be able to store a critical mass of information all in one place.

Wohl described the concept as "a break from conventional wisdom". In 11i.10, he said, users would be able to put summary data in the same system as transactional data without harming the performance of the transactional system. Oracle said the approach would enable organisations to use real-time business dashboards, which are available through the Daily Business Intelligence application in 11i.10.

Sector-specific features include Oracle iRecruitment, which supports staffing compliance in healthcare; and RFID support for manufacturing and technology to meet the US Federal Drug Agency regulatory requirements for electronic tracking of consumer packaged goods, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Oracle will also support its grid technology within the 11i product. With 11i.10 the company has promised a plug-in called Oracle Grid Control, designed to simplify integration between the 10g database and the 11i enterprise suite.

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