Brent database system will improve access to records for social care and health staff

Brent Council has installed a new database to help its social and health care staff access and share client information more...

Brent Council has installed a new database to help its social and health care staff access and share client information more efficiently. It will also enable the council to comply with forthcoming legislation.

The London council has used a Frameworki database and management software system from Corelogic to store 120,000 client details. The project, which cost about £530,000 - including consulting and training - replaces a 10-year-old database that held all client information. Council staff said they found the old system difficult to use.

The Corelogic system, which was installed in April, will help the council meet the government’s Electronic Social Care Record (ESCR) policy. The policy, which will become law in October, sets standards for keeping records, including the way they are structured.

The Frameworki software runs on an Oracle 9i database and is accessed via a browser using a password and log-in name.

The system is compliant with the ESCR policy and the E-Government Interoperability Framework. It can work with Java and XML technologies.

The Frameworki database will also be used to allocate jobs to staff. All social workers will be able to access the database online to view information about current and future jobs.

Juan Murray, head of information management in social services at Brent Council, said, "Frameworki will underpin our drive for further performance improvement, better information sharing and closer collaboration with our partners in health and education.

"It is part of a wider culture change to improve social worker practise by giving them a user-friendly tool, we did not just introduce a new IT system for the sake of it - the old system was 10 years old."

Murray added that IT and social services staff took part in workshops to learn about the new system before it was installed.

Since April, 10 of London’s 33 borough councils have adopted Corelogic’s Frameworki product including Brent, Waltham Forest, Lambeth, Greenwich, Wandsworth, Haringey and Camden. The system has also been chosen by Derbyshire and Scottish Borders local authorities.

Aims of the ESCR policy

  • To bring existing social services/health care recording practice into an electronic environment
  • To apply existing national standards for managing social care records
  • To achieve congruence with the NHS Integrated Care Records Service and other e-government initiatives.

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