SAP to deliver HR upgrade for US Postal Service

The US Postal Service is about to get a $35m (£19m) web-based human resources application makeover, courtesy of Germany-based...

The US Postal Service is about to get a $35m (£19m) web-based human resources application makeover, courtesy of Germany-based applications suppliers SAP.

The company's US subsidiary, SAP Americas announced that it had inked a deal with the agency to redesign and automate the Postal Service's human resource operations using the mySAP Business Suite.

The software is designed to allow the government agency to retire the custom-written legacy systems that have been operating for a quarter century. 

The new, fully integrated and streamlined human resources infrastructure will help improve services both to the mail carrier's 700,000 employees and the public at large, while cutting costs, the company said. 

According to a spokesperson, the hardware part of the implementation is now under way, and the software roll-out will start in autumn 2005. As part of the implementation, the agency will also install SAP's NetWeaver integration and application server software. 

By consolidating data from across its enterprise, Postal Service managers will get a single view of each employee's history, which will help improve the process of recruiting, training and deploying mail carriers. 

"This project will enable us to modernise and centralise our human capital management capabilities and help us provide improved access to information for our employees through an integrated IT platform," said Robert Otto, chief technology officer of the Postal Service.

"The desired result of the project is to use technology to provide more value to our most valuable asset, our employees. The software will also provide management with the flexibility to manage and control costs." 

SAP became the supplier of choice after a multiyear selection process. 

Marc L. Songini writes for Computerworld

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