Microsoft links with Amberpoint on web services

Microsoft and AmberPoint will hook up to boost web services development in the Visual Studio 2005 tool box.

Microsoft and AmberPoint will hook up to boost web services development in the Visual Studio 2005 tool box.

AmberPoint Express, a developer version of the AmberPoint web services management system, will be bundled with Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Express will be distributed with beta and commercial releases of Team System, beginning with the beta bundle available now. Team System is due for general release early next year.

Express provides insight into the performance of web services to assist developers in readying applications. Additionally, the Microsoft-distributed version of Express also supports Microsoft’s Cassini web server for testing of applications.

Microsoft, in partnering with AmberPoint, is promoting its tools for use in developing service-oriented architectures (SOAs) based on web services.

“We recognise that SOAs are becoming more important in the way people build applications today and, in order to build SOAs successfully, we need to be able to manage them as well,” said Prashant Sridharan, senior product manager for Visual Studio.

“[The arrangement] basically provides web services management for all the Visual Studio users effectively for free if you’re using Visual Studio 2005,” said Ed Horst, vice-president of marketing at AmberPoint.

Integration with Visual Studio provides point-and-click management, auto-discovery of web services, and live performance charts for web services and operations. Additional features include drill-downs into problem invocations and faults for diagnosis; views of messages in human-readable or XML formats; and auto-generated or logged messages for testing.

“This will have big impact for AmberPoint, since it will give them significant access to a wide range of developers who are trying to implement web services in a secure, managed way,” said Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst at ZapThink.

“For .net, this helps to address a weakness [the platform currently has] around managed services,” Schmelzer said.

AmberPoint and Microsoft previously announced the integration of AmberPoint’s web services management platform with the Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 platform.

While there has been speculation that smaller web services management software companies could be acquisition targets for larger companies, the latest arrangement between Microsoft and AmberPoint does not set the table for any acquisition, Horst stressed. “That’s not the reason we did this arrangement.”

Paul Krill  writes for Infoworld


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