IBM server breaks records

IBM has claimed a record result for its eServer i5 Model 520 in the two-tier SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Standard Application...

IBM has claimed a record result for its eServer i5 Model 520 in the two-tier SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark on a 2-way Power5 processor-based system.

The eServer i5 is the first IBM server to be powered by the company's flagship Power5 processor, and features IBM i5/OS, complete with integrated security, DB2 Universal Database, web enablement and leading virtualisation technology.

"With this integration, businesses running SAP applications on iSeries servers have a demonstrated high-performance system that can consolidate multiple applications and speed deployment of new applications, helping to deliver a potentially faster return on their investment," says TCM marketing executive, Jorge de Campos.

The server, running i5/OS, outperformed competitor systems from Sun and Hewlett-Packard configured with Opteron and Xeon processors running Linux and Windows respectively.

According to IBM it surpassed throughput results by a Sun server configured with two AMD Opteron 2.2GHz processors and twice the main memory.

The eServer i5 also outperformed an HP server configured with two Intel Xeon 3.2GHz processors and 8GB of memory.

The IBM eServer i5 with i5/OS is also said to be the first server to deliver IBM's Virtualization Engine systems technologies.

Its virtualisation capabilities aim to give customers the ability to choose from operating systems such as i5/OS, Linux, Windows (via an IXA or IXS) and AIX 5L simultaneously on a single server.

IBM's i5/OS operating system is also designed to integrate middleware like DB2 UDB and WebSphere Internet Infrastructure software.

The benchmark complies with the SAP Benchmark Council regulations, and has been audited and certified by SAP.

Written by Computing SA staff

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