BMC launches new configuration management products

BMC announced a set of change and configuration management products that will be shipped later this summer and in the fall.

BMC Software will release a set of change and configuration management products later this summer.

The new Configuration Discovery product is timed to coincide with its acquisition of Marimba in July, said Harold Goldberg, vice-president of BMC marketing. 

Configuration Discovery will be part of the new BMC IT Discovery Suite. BMC will also announce two other products this autumn, Goldberg said.

All three parts of the suite will populate a standards-based Configuration Management Database. 

Peter Pace, manager of change management for and related websites run by United Air Lines, said he plans to evaluate the new tools further once they are available. 

United has used BMC's Change Management 5.0 for more than a year to predict how a system will perform if part of it is taken down for routine maintenance, a common occurrence that caused disruptions in the past.

"It's a very flexible and easy-to-use tool, and it automates a lot of our processes," Pace said. 

United's adoption of of Change Management, which BMC acquired through the purchase of Remedy nearly two years ago, "is having a positive impact" and has even led to end users praising IT staffers for giving them more control over systems, Pace said.

"We're now viewed as an enabler of getting things done," he said. 

Remedy is a popular tool that has benefited from coming under the BMC umbrella, Pace said. BMC has promoted the business service management concept, which is helping to raise the prominence of Change Management. 

Robert McNeil, an analyst at Forrester Research, said the new products fit well into BMC's business service management initiative, which he compared to various on-demand strategies offered by competitors Hewlett-Packard, IBM's Tivoli Software and Computer Associates International. 

McNeil also predicted that BMC will hold on to the brand name of Remedy, which has won tremendous loyalty from customers in recent years. 

BMC is working with consultants to determine how it will use Remedy and other product names in the future, Goldberg said. There are about 13,000 BMC software customers and another 10,000 Remedy customers, with only a small amount of overlap, he said. 

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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