IBM ships Linux-based content manager

IBM is to ship a Linux-based version of Content Manager Express to beta testers.

IBM is to ship a Linux-based version of Content Manager Express to beta testers. 

The company claims the beta delivery of Content Manager Express marks the first Linux-based offering for content management that is specifically for the midsized markets.

IBM believes it will provide a lower-cost solution for companies managing lots of unstructured data. 

"We think these [new versions] will help midsized companies to get better control of their unstructured information like scanned images, e-mails, documents, video, audio and web-based content. Something like 85% of users’ information is unstructured," said Judith Tracy, senior marketing manager for IBM's DB2 content management group. 

The company said that its users typically spend one third of their time looking for information and/or recreating information that already exists. 

IBM also signed up more than 500 business partners and resellers to distribute its Content Manager series.

The finished Linux-based version of Content Manager Express will be available by the end of the year. The version for OS/400 will be available this month.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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