CA develops asset intelligence technology

One of the major themes at this year's CA World conference is asset intelligence, stemming from infrastructure management, as...

One of the major themes at this year's CA World conference is asset intelligence, stemming from infrastructure management, as companies to move to the on-demand model of running their ICT facilities.

Computer Associates International senior vice-president for product development Mark Barrenechea said that this can only be achieved if companies integrate the operation of their people, products and processes.

He added that, in today's on-demand world, enterprises are facing tremendous pressure to control expenditures and maximise return on ICT investments, yet even relatively simple questions about ICT resources, capacity, utilisation and costs can take days to answer.

Barrenechea said that CA has developed next-generation asset intelligence technology, which is dramatically changing the management of ICT infrastructures. To take today's ICT effectively into the future, chief information officer have as their top priorities consolidation and standardisation, he added, and that they need to optimise their processes to move to the next stage of virtualising their ICT infrastructure before finally taking the on-demand route.

To achieve this, CIOs have many challenges, and these are primarily that their systems are too complex; there is too much labour needed to integrate them, he said. They are also under-used in most cases; service levels are very hard to set while, at the same time, there is the problem of unlimited demand.

"It is more than clear to see that we are entering the age of management software. This can be seen by the fact that most of the big ICT vendors, such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, are about to release new management platforms," he said.

Last year companies spent 40% more of their funds on management applications than on applications for new software licences. Barrenechea said infrastructure management will enable companies to truly reap the real-time benefits that come with having on-demand models.

"For a company to better use what it has, it has to identify it; and, in order to do so, it has to virtualise it, this is all part of the on-demand philosophy on which we are building our on-demand applications."

Lastly Barrenechea said companies need to realise that people, assets and policies are at the heart of good and effective business processes. With ICT services also being one of CA's focus areas, the company also announced a new management bundle for the exchange technology - an exchange management solution.

Kaunda Chama writes for Computing South Africa

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