IBM opens SOA design centres

IBM has opened four Systems Oriented Architecture design centres to help corporate users sculpt enterprise-level solutions.

IBM has opened four Systems Oriented Architecture design centres to help corporate users sculpt enterprise-level solutions.

The centres, located in Hursley, near Southampton, Austin, Beijing and Delhi, will offer corporate and third-party users at several different points of entry to deploy an SOA as part of an overall effort to help them create an on-demand business.

Those entry points include implementing specific web services, integrating SOA functions that span all their business units, and enterprise-wide SOA deployments.

"We will get involved with users who are facing significant business problems pretty early on. Our approach will be rather than have the technology drive the business, we will focus on the business needs driving the technology," said Jason Weisser, IBM's vice president of enterprise integration.

While the design centres will help with the creation of new applications, the preference will be to disassemble existing products "at the user-facing environment", and reuse them at a component level, Weisser said.

"And where there is a delta between what the products can do today and what they need to be able to do to meet the individual business need, we can both design and build those products at the design centers."

IBM architects will work in concert with corporate users, their business partners, and IBM's Global Services organisation to map business processes and reshape IT infrastructure that can be implemented faster and more easily .

Company officials said they expected some of the technology to be developed and used at the design centres may be first-of-a-kind SOA deployments.

The resulting work done at the centres will serve to complement the work of the IBM Global Services SOA Centers of Excellence, said Weisser. Those centres use the expertise of IBM’s Business Consulting Services, which can help users in vertical industries better identify business processes, how to change them, and how these changes can be implemented using an SOA.  

The new centres will use as technology building blocks IBM's WebSphere Application Server, Tivoli's management and security software, along with a number of integration tools.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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