3Com joins Wlan switch band

3Com is to release an enterprise wireless Lan switch later this year as part of a plan to extend its range of business-oriented...

3Com is to release an enterprise wireless Lan switch later this year as part of a plan to extend its range of business-oriented access points.

"We will be bringing out a [Wlan switch] product at some stage later this year and it will be our own product," said Joe Carlucci, technical manager at 3Com. The switch will drop into a product range currently dominated by access points and router/gateways aimed at small offices.

The new 7250 access point, which replaces 3Com's AP8000, is an 802.11g-only access point. Although 3Com continues to sell tri-mode a/b/g access points, this is at a cheaper price at $500.

The new access point includes "enterprise" features such as power over Ethernet and 802.1x security. As a new access point, it can run the 802.11i specifications and the interim WPA security spec. The 802.11e quality of service specification will be supported by a firmware upgrade.

3Com also announced the SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 which, it claimed, is the first stackable Gigabit switch with a built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet expansion slot. The switch has 48 Gigabit ports in a single 1U-high unit and can stack up to 384 Gigabit ports.

Peter Judge writes for Techworld.com

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