Fujitsu adds two more enterprise hard drives

Fujitsu has added two new enterprise hard disc drives to its line-up.

Fujitsu has added two new enterprise hard disc drives to its line-up.

Its MAT family of drives, expected to be commercially available from the third quarter of this year, have a rotation speed of 10,000 rpm and will be available in capacities of 73Gbytes, 147Gbytes and 300Gbytes, said Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing at Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

The company's announcement comes about a week after rival Hitachi Global Storage Technologies became the first drive-maker to announce a 300Gbyte, 10,000 rpm drive.

Fujitsu claimed its drive has an advantage over the Hitachi model because it uses only four disc platters compared with the five used by Hitachi.

"It means lower power consumption, because turning five platters is a 20% increase in mass," said Hagberg. "A lower power consumption means less heat is generated, so the drive runs cooler and that will help all components in a system and help reliability. With the higher density you should also see a higher data rate."

The average read seek time for the Fujitsu drive is 4.5 milliseconds against 4.7 milliseconds for the Hitachi drive.

Fujitsu's second new disk family, the MAU series, is expected to be available a few months following the MAT drives and models run at a faster speed of 15,000 rpm. They will be available at 36Gbyte, 73Gbyte and 147Gbyte capacities. The average read seek time is 3.2 milliseconds.

Both drives will be available in either Ultra 320 SCSI  or 2G bps (bits per second) fibre channel interface versions. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Martyn Williams writes for IDG News Service

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