Computer Associates unveils latest version of ARCserve Backup

Computer Associates International is releasing the latest version of its Brightstor ARCserv Backup software, which aims to speed...

Computer Associates International is releasing the latest version of its Brightstor ARCserv Backup software, which aims to speed up backup and restore operations for departmental Microsoft users.

ARCserv Backup r11 is designed to take advantage of technologies in the Windows Server 2003 platform, such as the Volume Shadow Copy Service feature which lets users create "snapshot" backups of systems, said David Liff, CA's vice president of storage marketing. "More than ever before, we've really spent a lot of time working with Microsoft on this solution."

While the software is easier to use and better integrated with Windows 2003 than the earlier version, beta testers are giving the highest marks is ARCserv Backup's new "multiplexing" capabilities, which allow tape drives to operate much more efficiently while backing up data from multiple servers.

Exchange backup is speeded up further by a feature called Single Instance Store, which reduces the amount of data backed up by not storing identical copies of the same message, Liff said.  "If you've got a large e-mail that's been sent to 50 users, we'll only back it up once."

Version 11 is also more flexible than its predecessor when backing up Exchange data, letting users easily back up individual mail boxes and mail messages within their systems, Liff said.

ARCserve Backup r11 will be available for Windows today, with pricing starting at $775. Additional software that will perform complete backups of users' desktop and laptop systems will cost $495. There will also be a bundle for Microsoft Small Business Server, priced at $995.

Linux and NetWare versions of the product are planned for May.

Robert McMillan writes for IDG News Service

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