Government announces police IT review

The government is to undertake a major review of the Police IT Organisation.

The government is to undertake a major review of the Police IT Organisation.

PITO was set up following the Police Act in 1997 to build common systems across UK police forces. The organisation is responsible for the roll-out of the Airwave digital radio network and the Holmes 2 system which is designed to help the police manage major inquiries and incidents.

Home Office minister Hazel Blears believes that the review will help the organisation identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for building on delivery. "PITO is working towards tough delivery targets and, like all non-departmental public bodies, is subject to regular reviews," she said.

Robert McFarland, former chief executive of the BOC Group, will head the review team, and he will report back in October. The group will seek views from all interested parties, including the police, government departments and PITO staff.

McFarland’s review will look at the delivery, performance and structure of PITO and its role in providing national IT communications systems to the Police and the wider criminal justice system.

Previously, McFarland headed the 2002/3 review of the Forensic Science Service and the 1998 review of the Crown Prosecution Service.

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