Transmeta shrinks Crusoe processor

Transmeta is launching two new Crusoe processors which are half the size of previous Crusoe products, aimed at mobile and...

Transmeta is launching two new Crusoe processors which are half the size of previous Crusoe products, aimed at mobile and embedded-computing product developers.

The Crusoe TM5700 and TM5900 microprocessors offer up to 1GHz of clock speed and are available in a 21mm by 21mm package.  The company hopes their small size will be useful in set-top boxes, thin clients, blade servers, portable consumer products and other small, fanless products where size and heat issues are important.

Like earlier Crusoe processors, the new versions offer an integrated Northbridge, which communicates with the computer processor using the frontside bus and controls interaction with memory, the PCI bus, Level 2 cache, and Accelerated Graphics Port.

The new processors offer 1GHz of x86-compatible performance, equivalent to the fastest TM5800 version now available; integer and floating-point execution units; separate 64Kbyte instruction and data caches; a 512Kbyte (for the TM5900) or 256Kbyte (for the TM5700) L2 write-back cache; a 64-bit DDR (double data rate) SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM) memory controller; and a 32-bit PCI controller.

A motherboard evaluation/reference platform, based on the TM5900 processor, will be available in the first quarter of the year. It will include schematics, design guides, processor specifications and device drivers needed to evaluate products designs.

Transmeta was not immediately available to comment on prices.

Gillian Law writes for IDG News Service

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