Toshiba adds multimedia features to notebooks

Toshiba America Information Systems' Digital Products Division announced the Satellite A45 Series of notebook PCs aimed at...

Toshiba America Information Systems' Digital Products Division has announced the Satellite A45 Series of notebook PCs aimed at budget-conscious consumers, students and small businesses.

The three-model series is designed to appeal to "small or medium-sized businesses looking for notebooks to replace their desktops", said Craig Marking, senior product marketing manager for Toshiba America Information Systems.

"This allows us to hit low-price points and make mobile computing available to a wider segment of users."

With this series, Toshiba hopes to provide a powerful notebook PC with advanced multimedia features, as more consumers continue to select notebooks over desktops.

All Satellite A45 versions come with SRS TruSurround XT sound technology and a DVD-Rom/CD-RW multifunction drive. The notebooks also contain Microsoft Office OneNote. 

The Satellite A45-120 includes an Intel Celeron processor and is priced at $1,049.

Equipped with a Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor and more memory (512Mbytes of Ram as compared to 256Mbytes of Ram in the A45-120), the Satellite A45-150 features a TV-out port, allowing the user to create an enlarged viewing area by plugging the notebook into any size TV.

Toshiba offers complete wireless use with the A45-150 through integrated WiFi (802.11g) wireless connectivity. The A45-150 costs $1,399.

As the most loaded notebook in the series, the Satellite A45-250 highlights a DVD+-R/+-RW drive. By using both the + and - formats, Toshiba provides compatibility with all DVD sources. The Satellite A45-250 is the first notebook Toshiba has brought to the market with dual compatibility.

The inclusion of i.Link (IEEE 1394) and a built-in Secure Digital slot allow the user to transfer files from a range of electronic products, such as digital cameras and Pocket PCs. The A45-250 also comes with a Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 512Mbytes of Ram, WiFi wireless connectivity and a TV-out port, for $1,649.

The notebooks are already available through the Toshiba website and at retail stores.

Katie Hamm writes for IDG News Service

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