Sun bolsters its services efforts

Sun Microsystems has underlined its commitment to driving cost and complexity out of corporate IT with a sharp focus on...

Sun Microsystems has underlined its commitment to driving cost and complexity out of corporate IT with a sharp focus on technology-based products.

The company will place a stronger emphasis on technologies involving managed services and utility computing said Pat Sueltz, Sun's executive vice president. Sun has also combined its utility computing and managed services groups under one roof.

"The priorities we have in this area are centered around advanced services. You will see an eventual confluence of remotely managed services and remote utility computing where everything is connected to the network. You can't keep throwing people at these services and outsourcing problems," Sueltz said.

Sun intends to broaden its services portfolio by moving into managed security, which the company sees as a growing opportunity among its largest corporate accounts.

However, Sun still considers itself as a systems-oriented company, even though services now account for more than a third of its business.

"I expect that as we come out with the new server lines, Java desktop systems and storage products, you will see that mix of revenues change more to products, which is what a technology company should be looking to do," Sueltz said.

Meanwhile, Howrey Simon Arnold & White, a large international law firm, has signed a deal that will see Sun Services help the law firm move from Hewlett-Packard's storage environment and Microsoft's Windows-based server over to Sun's StorEdge system and SunFire servers.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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