Co-op signs £1m deal to upgrade in-store systems

West Midlands Co-op has signed a £1m contract with Fujitsu Services for the rollout out of chip and Pin enabled point-of-sale...

West Midlands Co-op has signed a £1m contract with Fujitsu Services for the rollout out of new chip and Pin enabled point-of-sale systems and in-store radio networks across its 35 stores.


The implementation, which will include self-scanning checkouts and handheld systems in selected stores, will be phased in over the next 11 months completing in November 2004, in time for the national rollout of anti-fraud chip and Pin technology.


From 1 January 2005, retailers without chip and Pin-enabled systems will be liable for all fraudulent transactions, instead of the card issuers.


West Midlands Co-op’s back-office systems, based on Microsoft Windows NT4, will also be upgraded to support the new Fujitsu TeamPos 2000 systems. The upgrade will include new automatic stock replenishment systems which, the retailer hopes, will reduce inventory levels and improve availability.


The radio network being rolled out as part of the Fujitsu deal will mean more tills can be added during peak seasons, such as Christmas and Easter, improving customer service at these busy times, Co-op said.


The network will also allow the store to deploy handheld terminals, giving employees access to all product information, improving the accuracy of pricing, stock control and customer service.


Ben Reid, chief executive at West Midlands Co-op, said, “This is state-of-the-art technology that will bring real benefits for customers. Staff will also find it easy to use.”

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