MicroStrategy unveils reporting tool

Business intelligence software maker MicroStrategy has edged into the field of reporting by introducing a new tool it claims can...

Business intelligence software maker MicroStrategy has edged into the field of reporting by introducing a new tool it claims can be easily deployed throughout an enterprise - and even beyond it to partners and customers. MicroStrategy Report Services is an analysis product that can generate a wide variety of reports, executive scorecards, line-of-business metrics reports and operational reports to rank-and-file personnel. 

"The bottom line," said MicroStrategy's chief operating officer Sanju Bansal, "is that MicroStrategy Report Services brings the best of business intelligence to the masses. Historically, detailed analysis combined with compelling report formatting has been reserved for a relatively few business analysts." 

MicroStrategy says its Web-based reporting technology can offer personalised features, such as allowing users to drill down into the content of a report using a menu. It also comes with an intuitive design kit that will let users craft reports without relying on IT personnel or other specialists. The Web interface supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Swedish out of the box. 

The reports can be distributed over the Web, via e-mail or through a portal or file server, the company said. It's also integrated with the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform, which will allow users to toggle easily between reporting and analysis tasks. 

The move to expand core analysis software to include reporting capabilities is not new for the industry, said analyst Keith Gile at Forrester Research. For instance, business intelligence software maker Business Objects acquired report software vendor Crystal Decisions for that very reason. 

Because the new offering is integrated with other MicroStrategy products and bundled with its services and security and metadata features, customers might want to consider using it to standardise their business intelligence and reporting needs, he said. 

While MicroStrategy has yet to prove itself as a reporting vendor, it has already established the reliability of its underlying business intelligence architecture, said Gile. 

MicroStrategy Report Services is available now; prices are based on configuration.

Marc L Songini writes for IDG News Service.


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