Integration software aims for automation

Vitria Technology and startup AptSoft has rolled out software designed to streamline the integration of applications and business...

Vitria Technology and startup AptSoft has rolled out software designed to streamline the integration of applications and business processes.

Vitria's BusinessWare 4.2 builds on the modelling capabilities that debuted in the previous version, and features built-in support for business process fusion, which helps enhance autonomous transactional processes by tightly integrating them across a range of different vertical industries.

"The biggest thing we have accomplished is to put in really strong XML end-to-end support around this notion of document support," said Todd Martin, Vitria's senior director of product marketing. "We have tried to really simplify how you pass around a document within a company, which seems to be the direction for most companies."

New to Version 4.2 is the Application Framework made up of an assortment of reusable tools, pre-built modules, extendable user interfaces, and business collaboration frameworks. These features serve to accelerate the implementation of common integration services across a range of vertical and horizontal business processes.

AptSoft unveiled Director, which is designed to eliminate the dependence on hardwired code and middleware in application integration, thereby reducing the need for custom coding.

Director combines the ability to choreograph disparate business process management with the underlying application integration, and employs web services standards to create a services-oriented and events-driven architecture where developers can change business rules to eliminate customised code writing.

"One of the functional areas we have focused on is to reduce a business process to components. You only need to know SQL and Java Script, and not have to use really structured code like in C, Java, or .net," said David Cameron, AptSoft's vice president of marketing and product integration. 

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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