Nokia steps up fake battery fight

Nokia is to take "aggressive, regional anti-counterfeit measures".

Nokia is to take "aggressive, regional anti-counterfeit measures".

Last month, Nokia blamed three incidents of exploding handsets that injured users - two in the Netherlands and one in Vietnam - on counterfeit batteries manufactured by unauthorised suppliers.

A Nokia user in Thailand was injured earlier this month after his Nokia 3310 exploded. He admitted he had bought a cheap battery for the phone from a discount dealer.

More than five million counterfeit batteries have been seized and destroyed worldwide since the beginning of this year, Nokia claimed.

However, the problem remains serious and counterfeit batteries have even fooled consumer safety groups.

Belgian consumer group Test-Aankoop announced that a test which declared Nokia batteries unsafe had been unreliable as counterfeit batteries were likely to have been included. Test-Aankoop has agreed to an independent test using approved Nokia batteries and will release the results of that test soon.

The company will post information on its website to help users differentiate between batteries that are approved for use in Nokia phones and counterfeit models.

Sumner Lemon writes for IDG News Service


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