Xandros delivers Linux desktop

Xandros has unveiled an enhanced version of its Linux-compatible graphical environment.

Xandros has unveiled an enhanced version of its Linux-compatible graphical environment.

The Xandros Desktop 2.0 will enable users to work with Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Office and Windows-based networks. It also contains a number of latest security features.

"Most users are fed up with viruses, worms, and the installation of patches. With this version we think we are presenting a better alternative on the desktop for the masses," said Andy Typaldos, chief executive officer of Xandros.

The company claims that one of the attractions of the product is a four-click installation which includes automatic disc partitioning as well as drag-and-drop CD-burning handled by the Xandros File Manager.

The Deluxe Edition of Xandros Desktop gives users the option of running Office and a range of other Windows applications.

Both the Deluxe or Standard Editions allow users to share data files and other resources over a network. Desktop users can also access an online collection of free Linux-based software with one mouse click.

Version 2.0 contains a browser that lets users browse multiple websites in a single tabbed window. The product also comes with a mail reader with an automatic spam filter, which can turn off pop-up ads and an instant messenger compatible with a number of similar products from America Online, MSN and Yahoo.

The latest version will ship with Version 1.1 of the OpenOffice.org applications suite, which can work with Microsoft Word and Excel documents. The presentations program within OpenOffice is capable of exporting dynamic web-based shows to Macromedia Flash.

The Deluxe Edition will cost $89 and will include a version of CrossOver Office 2.1 which allows users to run Microsoft Office. The Standard Edition will cost $39.

Existing users of Desktop OS 1.x can upgrade to the Deluxe Version for $69 and to the Standard Edition for $24.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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