SuSE's OpenExchange targets Outlook users

SuSE Linux latest version of Openexchange features improved server support for Windows Outlook users.

SuSE Linux's latest version of Openexchange features improved server support for Windows Outlook users.

Version 4.1 allows Outlook users to access calendar and contact information as well as access documents stored in Openexchange Server. One of the new features includes an alert to let Outlook users know when they have conflicts among their appointments.

"With this release we think we are offering business users more stability and security of their open-source data, additional groupware and messaging functions, and much better speed and efficiency in electronic communications," said Juergen Geck, SuSE's chief technology officer.

Another new capability in Version 4.1 is its Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) interface, which is designed to allow for the exchange of data sets from enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and project management applications with the SuSE Linux Openexchange server.

With this capability, users can carry out tasks, such as integrating project deadlines and a range of tasks, into appointment and task management tools, which eliminates the need to maintain multiple calendars.

SuSE officials hoped the latest version would further encourage corporate users to migrate many of the their communications services to Linux which, they believed, would then be less expensive to maintain compared with comparable Windows services and applications.

SuSE has added another feature, called Public Folders, which reportedly enables the team management of appointments, contacts, and a variety of tasks. The product makes any changes made immediately available to everyone who is part of a team.

The company has included the application DyCE Instant Messenger from the company go4teams, which is intended to supply quicker and more effective communications among team members scattered around at multiple locations.

The product also makes it possible to hold online conferences in chat sessions where ideas and information can be shared.

Available on 17 November, Version 4.1 can be purchased directly from SuSE or through its network of business partners. The product includes one year of system maintenance and installation support under the company's Linux Maintenance Program.

The product will carry a suggested retail price of $1,240 and includes a base licence for 10 client systems and an unlimited number of e-mail clients.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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