Microsoft prepares web services apps framework

Microsoft is to release details of Indigo, its upcoming web services applications framework, at its Professional Developers...

Microsoft is to release details of Indigo, its upcoming web services applications framework, at its Professional Developers Conference 2003 event in Los Angeles in two weeks' time.

The company also will discuss the release of SQL Server and the Whidbey releases of ASP .net and Visual Studio.

Indigo is described on the Microsoft PDC website as a programming model and framework for building connected applications and web services. The technology is built on top of Microsoft's WS protocols.

Indigo is intended to enable developers to develop and deploy applications with ease and services that work together and scale without limit. A default security behaviour also will be part of its applications. Additionally, developers will be able to build next-generation Indigo Message Bus endpoints within ASP .net applications.

The site said Indigo "brings together the best of .net Remoting, MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing), ASMX, and .net Enterprise Services to form a unified model and runtime for building connected applications on the Windows platform".

Microsoft will present a road map at the conference for migrating existing applications to Indigo. A Microsoft representative would not comment on the planned release date for Indigo.

The Whidbey release of ASP .net, which is Microsoft's Web development platform, enables developers to "dramatically reduce the number of lines of code needed to write real-world applications, provides much-improved administration and management support and dramatically improved performance", the site said.

A personalization engine in tWhidbey enables storing of profile data about users. Also featured are Tracing, Troubleshooting, and Auditing APIs. The controls model has been unified so ASP .net controls inherently support mobile devices without the need for separate mobile controls.

Whidbey is also the code name for the next versions of the Visual Studio developer tool and the .net Framework development platform. Microsoft's Whidbey variants are due to ship in the second half of 2004.

The Whidbey version of Visual Studio features new deployment capabilities for offline application support. The release combines simplified web data access, rich site layout features, dynamic web projects, and additional features to enable rapid construction of dynamic web applications.

A new XML editor enables enhanced validation against XSD (XML Schemas language) and DTD(document type definitions) schema and XSLT (XSL Transformations) debugging.

The planned Yukon version of the SQL Server database features a service broker which incorporates asynchronous queuing and guaranteed messaging. Yukon also introduces native web services support in the database. T-SQL, a query language in SQL Server, is updated in Yukon to incorporate ANSI SQL:99 functionality. Yukon also is targeted for release in late 2004.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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