WebMethods boosts web services strategy with two acquisitions

Enterprise application integration supplier WebMethods is to acquire The Mind Electric for its web services platform as well as...

Enterprise application integration supplier WebMethods is to acquire The Mind Electric for its web services platform as well as DataChannel's portal technology in a movoe to build out its web services strategy and offerings.

From The Mind Electric, WebMethods gains the Glue web services platform for building distributed applications and the Gaia web services fabric, which enables management of environments with multiple web services. WebMethods will rename the products WebMethods Glue and WebMethods Fabric respectively.

DataChannel Portal will be renamed WebMethods Portal. WebMethods said the portal will be web services-enabled and will expose content, applications and business functions.

Meanwhile, WebMethods has also finished the acquisition of the Dante Group, from which it obtained business activity monitoring software, which has been rechristened WebMethods Optimize.

Tom Sullivan writes for InfoWorld

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