CA develops web services-based systems management

Computer Associates International has developed a subscription-based system management service to be delivered via web services.

Computer Associates International has developed a subscription-based system management service to be delivered via web services.

Users in a network could receive software upgrades and patches.

System administrators would set parameters via a portal interface, according to Dmitri Tcherevik, vice-president and director of web services at Computer Associates.

The technology will be based on CA's UniCenter code base. It will also incorporate the proposed WS-Manageability specification submitted to Oasis.

ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg said CA was on the right track with its technology, provided that it interoperates with other suppliers' technology and backs open standards such as WS-Manageability.

"I would definitely say that this is the future of systems management," he added.

CA's plan after developing the technology is to have it hosted by partners such as an internet service provider or an outsourcing company.

The company's ServiceDesk workflow-enabled help desk application can be invoked as a collection of web services from within other applications.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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