Mercury Interactive unveils optimisation suite

Mercury Interactive has released a set of components for its business technology optimisation suite, aimed at improving...

Mercury Interactive has released a set of components for its business technology optimisation suite, which are aimed at improving enterprise application and infrastructure performance.

The company is aligning itself in the systems management market with four new software components called Optimization Centers: IT Governance, Application Delivery, Performance Center, and Business Availability Center. Each incorporates software, services and best practices enhancements.

In IT Governance, MI has produced a module for portfolio management that gives chief information officers a view of projects and resources. "It will allow a CIO to do unlimited 'what if' scenarios. If a project is off schedule, the CIO can move resources and see its impact," said Christopher Lochead, chief marketing officer at MI.

Application Delivery creates a permanent audit trail for tracking changes, especially in financial systems.

A capacity planning module in Performance Center forecasts bandwidth and infrastructure capacity needed before an application is rolled out.

The Business Availability Center module, for production applications, allows managers to measure business processes to ensure that the application and the infrastructure are delivering the level of availability and functionality needed.

The Mercury Interactive roadmap is part of its business optimisation strategy, according to one industry analyst. "Mercury Interactive is taking more of a holistic approach. They want to play a central role in making applications perform better at less cost," said Yankee Group senior analyst Dan Gardner.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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