Tibco upgrades products range

Integration specialist makes moves towards event enterprise management

Tibco Software has announced upgrades to some of its core messaging and integration products, along with a longer-term plan to develop software that will help enterprises react more quickly to unplanned events affecting their businesses.

Tibco makes integration software that links different types of computer systems and applications together with the goal of streamlining business processes and reducing costs.

At its user conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Tibco announced an upgrade to its core product, BusinessWorks. The main enhancement is the addition of visual modelling capabilities that allow a business manager - as opposed to an IT person - to map out the flow of an applications infrastructure that can then be implemented by IT staff.

"We've built in a business user interface so that, using the same Gant charts and Visio diagrams they're familiar with, a business person can lay out a process in terms of what order things have to happen in, what resources they're using, which applications are involved," said Larry Neumann, Tibco's director of market strategies.

Tibco also upgraded BusinessFactor, a "digital dashboard" that helps companies identify patterns and anomalies in their business processes by observing transactions and other events. Version 4.2 completes the product's integration with BusinessWorks, allowing them to share information more smoothly.

Tibco is also preparing a new family of products for release later this year that will build a bridge between the event information generated by its own products and system management platforms from the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Computer Associates and Mercury Interactive.

Products from those suppliers can benefit from precise information about the impact of a system failure or network blockage on an application or a business process, Neumann said.

The first product in Tibco's Enterprise Management Insight Family, as it will be called, is a gateway server due in the fourth quarter.
The first version will work with HP OpenView, with support for CA and Mercury's management platforms expected early next year.

"It means that you won't have to go to five different tools to isolate a problem," Willet said, meaning that information can be shared both to and from the management tools.

Tibco is also working on what it calls "event enterprise management" software to help companies be more predictive. The products will correlate and analyse information gathered by Tibco's messaging and integration products to help companies spot patterns, anomalies and trends that might signal threats or opportunities.

For example, a package delivery company might use the software to identify a change in the volume of business from one of its large customers, and be able to deduce from that that the customer is doing business with a competitor to test their services. The company could then take steps to retain its customer, Neumann said.

The products will differ from typical business intelligence software because they will use real-time data from Tibco's integration software, allowing businesses to identify and react to trends instantly, he said.

James Niccolai writes for IDG News Service


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