Sun seeks to spur app server adoption

Sun Microsystems aims to make its mark in the Java application server space with its upcoming Sun ONE Application Server 7...

Sun Microsystems aims to make its mark in the Java application server space with its upcoming Sun ONE Application Server 7 Enterprise Edition, featuring high availability.

Having trailed the likes of BEA Systems and IBM in market share, Sun is looking to turn things around by focusing on a high-availability database layer in the product that is based on technology acquired through its aquisition of Clustra Systems in 2002.

The high-availability database layer features state information on transactions. Transactional loads can be shifted between application servers in the network if needed.

While release 6.5, has had high-availability support, Version 7's support of the Clustra technology boosts real-time database functionality and scalability, to 24 processors per system.

Version 7, which is set to ship next month for $10,000 per processor, also is compliant with the J2EE 1.3 Java specification, which features container management support for access to a database without requiring programmer involvement.

Load balancing in Version 7 will enable uptime when taking down an application server for maintenance. Additionally, the high availability layer enables performance boosts through the addition of more processors, rather than having to add more application servers.

"It's a new way of implementing high availability in application servers," said Deborah Andrade, product line manager for Sun ONE Application Server.

The Enterprise Edition features the same code as the Standard Edition of the application server, but adds high availability and load balancing, according to Sun. Developers can transfer skills from the lower-level standard platform to the enterprise edition.

Sun will add J2EE 1.4 compliance to the application server, featuring conformance to web services specifications, in 2004.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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