Metastorm adds BAM to business process management

Metastorm will add BAM (business activity monitoring) to its BPM (business process management) tools.

Metastorm will add BAM (business activity monitoring) to its BPM (business process management) tools.

For Metastorm, a BPM enterprise application supplier e-Work, Version 6, is a major upgrade. It features the ability to create components called "map segments", which allow a process to be broken down into "reusable chunks", said Doug Gruber, director of product development at Metastorm.

David Kelly, an industry analyst at Upside Research, said that BAM is the single most important upgrade to the e-Work application suite.

"Being able to monitor processes and react to what you are processing is where the value is in automating your business process," Kelly said.

"To establish metrics, monitor the metrics, and then change the business process based on the results is clearly a direction that all of the BPM applications need to go to."

According to Eileen Garry, vice-president of marketing at Metastorm, the latest version designs the application for complex enterprise-level processes across mission-critical applications for internal operations, risk management and supply-chain operations.

As BPM software's feature set grows and its capabilities move beyond simple business processes, BPM suppliers may be securing their own long-term existence in the software industry, said Metastorm's chief executive officer Bob Farrell.

"IBM, Oracle, and Business Objects could decide they are going to gobble up all the BPMs and incorporate them in their stack, but the problem is BPM is taking on a strength of its own," Farrell added.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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