Domain Name System marks its 20th birthday

The database system that sends web surfers to the right page and deliver e-mail messages has turned 20.

The database system that sends web surfers to the right page and deliver e-mail messages has turned 20.

Domain Name System (DNS) had its first successful test on 23 June, 1983, at the University of Southern California School of Engineering's Information Sciences Institute, said Paul Mockapetris, the researcher who invented the system.

Jon Postel, another computer scientist at the institute had assigned him to create a new kind of directory of the internet, then a fledgling network of about 200 computers.

Before DNS, the addresses of all computers on the internet were maintained in a central catalogue of host names and addresses. Mockapetris devised a system that let those who had computers on the internet own a domain and assign their own computers to it.

"Once you got your organisation connected to the network, you could have as many computers on it as you wanted, and you could name them yourself," Mockapetris said.

With further refinement, it became the system of ".com", ".edu", ".gov" and other top-level domains still used by e-mail and web users.

Stephen Lawson writes for IDG News Service

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