Xerox to offer DocuShare add-on

Xerox is to add Sparrow, a program offering workgroup and collaboration features, to its DocuShare web-based document and content...

Xerox is to add Sparrow, program offering workgroup and collaboration features, to its DocuShare web-based document and content management software.

Sparrow, which will be available when DocuShare 3.1 is released in September, aims to allow geographically dispersed users share and annotate documents over the internet, according to DocuShare product manager Colman Murphy.

Users need only a browser to be able to use the software, where they go to a DocuShare web address and type in a password.

Once users gain access to Sparrow, they see documents placed within Sparrow-formatted templates. The templates are designed to let users click on documents, annotate and edit them. The changes are immediately reflected in the documents in Sparrow.

Like DocuShare, Sparrow is based on the Java programming language, and it has automated features designed to let users convert HTML documents and insert them into program templates. 

Sparrow uses the DocuShare database to store documents and requires DocuShare to run. However, some potential users may be attracted to DocuShare specifically because of Sparrow.

The software will be available in languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. A version in Simplified Chinese is also being developed.

Pricing has not been finalised but will be similar to DocuShare pricing, which starts at $3,495 for the server copy, plus $65 for each user. Prices vary depending on the number of end users on the system.

Marc Ferranti writes for IDG News Service

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