AT&T targets former competitors' web customers

AT&T has launched a campaign to woo web hosting and web services customers of Cable & Wireless, Sprint following decisions by...

AT&T has launched a campaign to woo web hosting and web services customers of Cable & Wireless, Sprint  following decisions by C&W and Sprint  to leave the hosting market in the US. 

It will sweeten its deals to prospective clients with flexible financing options, free installation, expedited contracting, service assurance guarantees and aggressive pricing under the Hosting Transition Program.

Chuck Sanders, vice-president of hosting and managed services for AT&T, said that the efforts had already brought new customers into AT&T's fold.

"We've had many customers come to us, like C&W customers, who've seen the writing on the walls," he said. "This is our moment to move up the stack." 

AT&T will offer web hosting, application hosting, data centre redundancy and "end-to-end infrastructure" for customers under, Sanders said. 

Betsy Bernard, AT&T's president, said that the company's first priority is serving customers who already are stranded, or fear that possibility, as providers turn off the lights in their web hosting facilities. 

"AT&T has fundamentally integrated our Internet Data Centers into our networking architecture," she said.

"That gives us tremendous economies of scale, as well as the flexibility to offer a valuable set of services, options and capabilities to companies whose hosting and 'net' applications are the lifeblood of their business." 

Laurie McCabe, an analyst at Summit Strategies, said AT&T's "opportunistic" strategy is also being mirrored by other hosting competitors as they all vie for new accounts in a tough marketplace.

Todd R Weiss writes for Computerworld

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