Sun to install Java on HP and Dell PCs

Sun Microsystems has announced a deal between Sun, Hewlett Packard and Dell Computer, which would see up to date Java installed...

Sun Microsystems has announced a deal between Sun, Hewlett-Packard and Dell Computer, which would see up to date Java installed on both HP and Dell PCs.

HP has also agreed to ship the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on Windows PCs by third quarter this year. The JRE will ship with Linux and Windows PC for Dell.

"We’re doing our best to make sure Java is everywhere," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice-president of software at Sun.

Dave Snef, e-business operations manager at IDC, said Sun would have an uphill battle to begin to make inroads in the desktop space.

"They do have low cost offerings that could, in fact, do quite well," Snef said, adding that it is important for Sun to get Java deployed on as many devices as possible.

In February, Microsoft stopped shipping Java with its Windows XP Service Pack. This latest relationship between two of Microsoft’s biggest allies is seen as a way to keep Java on Windows machines.

"It’s part of the overall strategy to win over more consumers and to get Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE)-enabled applications on as many desktops as possible," Snef said. "It’s Sun’s vision that they can begin to erode the dominant desktop base that Microsoft currently holds."

Sun vice-president and general manager of Java software Rich Green said the agreements were just part of the growth pattern of Java.

The company also announced at JavaOne its push to increase the number of developers writing on Java platforms. Green said there were 3 million developers writing Java code and Sun is pushing to have that number multiply to 10 million.

Green said that if Sun wanted to increase the number of developers, the company needs to spend time looking at particular segments within the technology industry, placing strict emphasis on the corporate developers.

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