Siebel acquires BoldFish

Customer relationship management giant Siebel Systems has acquired e-mail and e-messaging technology supplier BoldFish.

Customer relationship management giant Siebel Systems has acquired e-mail and e-messaging technology supplier BoldFish.

Siebel has purchased the assets of BoldFish and offered them an optional module called Siebel e-mail marketing, which will be part of the Siebel marketing suite.

Siebel said it would deliver personalised messaging capabilities for companies wanting to ensure that their e-mail is not mistaken for unsolicited spam. 

BoldFish has been selling outbound messaging products since 1999. 

"The e-mail channel has become a critical component in building a cross-channel dialogue with customers," said Richard Gorman, senior vice-president for products and alliances at Siebel Systems.

"By combining Siebel Systems' industry-leading analytics and campaign management capabilities with BoldFish's best-in-class, permission-based outbound messaging technology, Siebel will help organisations tailor communications and content more finely to ensure that they are building trust through meaningful dialogue with customers." 

Siebel e-mail marketing will be released this summer. 

Marc L Songini writes for Computerworld

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