Intel's Springdale appears in new PCs

Several PC suppliers have released systems based on technology from Intel which include new processors and a new chipset.

Several PC suppliers have released systems based on technology from Intel which include new processors and a new chipset.

IBM, Gateway, Dell Computer and Acer America were among the suppliers introducing PCs with Intel's Springdale chipset, now known as the 865G.The chipset supports Pentium 4 processors with an 800MHz front-side bus and systems with DDR400 (double data rate) memory.

IBM's ThinkCentre S50 and M50 are designed for corporate customers considering enterprise-wide PC replacements or new deployments.

Gateway included the Intel chipset in an update to its Gateway 500S PC, and Dell Computer updated several desktops with the Intel technology, including its Dimension 4600C, and its Optiplex range. 

Meanwhile Acer America released a PC within its Veriton series based on the Intel 865G.


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