Dell launches ultraportable Centrino model

Dell Computer has added an ultraportable model to its range of D-Family notebooks.

Dell Computer has added an ultraportable model to its range of D-Family notebooks. 

The D-Family notebooks were introduced in conjunction with Intel's Centrino launch in March. The Latitude D400 is the lightest, weighing just 3.7lbs.

Centrino is Intel's name for a package of chips which  includes the Pentium M processor, the 855 chipset family, and the Intel Pro Wireless 2100 chip. The Intel wireless technology allows users to connect to 802.11b networks.

Dell offers the Centrino package as the default choice, but offers its own Dell TrueMobile 1300 chip as a no-cost upgrade. The TrueMobile 1300 chip supports both 802.11b and faster 802.11g wireless networks.

A chip that also supports 802.11a networks in addition to the other standards is available for an extra $69 (£42).

A base configuration of the D400 with a 1.3GHz Pentium M processor, a 20Gbyte hard drive, 128Mbytes of memory, a four-cell battery, an external CD-Rom drive, and the Intel Pro Wireless chip costs $1,499 (£916).


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