Expertise management cuts costs and improves travel firm's service

The concierge services arm of travel finance company Travelex has implemented a new "expertise management" system across its UK...

The concierge services arm of travel finance company Travelex has implemented a new "expertise management" system across its UK call centre to cut costs and boost services offered to its 12 million customers worldwide.

Travelex Global Connections operates premier concierge services, such as hot air balloon flights and exclusive restaurant meals under its own Latitude brand as well as providing the service to high street banks and credit card firms who market it under their own brand.

The new Knowledge system, from software supplier In2itive, will allow Travelex call centre staff to pool resources and experience, improving customer service and cutting costs, said Susan Kilby, product marketing development manager at Travelex.

"We offer a highly tailored service with very different requests coming in every day, and some calls can last several hours," she said.

"Historically, we took the 'little black book' approach to saving information which made shar-ing knowledge difficult, but the new system will create efficiencies and ultimately, drive down costs."

The Knowledge system allows Travelex staff to quickly access relevant information stored on a Microsoft SQL Server, rather than having to wade through different parts of a database to retrieve the data, said Kilby.

The main driver behind the In2itive implementation was to improve customer service, but Travelex's first generation database technology also needed replacing.

"Our customer base had grown to such a size we needed to look at system requirements," she said. "A single repository for the amount of information we needed to store was proving difficult to maintain."

The new system has also improved the quality of information Travelex is able to provide to its business partners, Kilby said.

"Previously the data we were sending out was restricted to the number of calls, but now we are able to give more anecdotal information to partners which is much more useful for them," she said.

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