Veritas turns on utility computing

Veritas Software has announced plans to offer on-demand software for utility computing.

Veritas Software is to offer on-demand software for utility computing.

Jonathan Martin, senior director of product planning at Veritas, said the company is extending its classic focus on storage and infrastructure to "up the stack and out", or into the application and into the server space, to extend or enable utility computing.

Utility computing allows companies to access computing services, business processes and applications from a utility-like service over a network - so that a company only pays for the storage it is using, rather than buy more hardware.

Martin said the classic problems found with storage was the level of ordination and the utliisation of storage space which was much worse in the server and application base.

Recent acquisitions of Precise Software Solutions and Jareva Technologies helped Veritas to fill in the blanks the company had with application performance and availability management products. It also provided Veritas with a utility approach to deliver IT service, Martin said.

Software from Precise can detect problems in the entire IT stack from applications to storage, Martin said, while Jareva has an automated server provision software technology. Veritas is thereby given the ability to identify performance bottlenecks anywhere between the application and the array.

The Veritas software is expected by the end of the year, and designed to track the level of service provided by an IT department and bill them accordingly. Storage management capabilities will be able to link with application service level requirements.

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